Friday, 18 February 2011

RWA Open Photography II

It may look a little cluttered at the moment but as from tmw afternoon two of my pictures will be on show at the RWA Bristol from a sequence of work produced for two books called Ronnie I and Ronnie II.  "FORK CANDLES"

Saturday, 5 February 2011


As of recent research done in the world of HEAD TILT it has been noted that in the Therapy Library there is cause for concern if this activity is not performed with due care and attention. 

"Do not use this technique unless directed by your speech pathologist or healthcare provider."

From the Silent to the Swing.

Whilst the Invisible Circus sleep through the cold winter the signs of new light emerge through the  circus silks hanging silently in the event space.  Watch this space at Bridewell Island as the Carny Villains release day has been announced for the 12th of Feb. What could be better its all alongside Ben Capp's Birthday!